Issues and Committees


Our branch is actively working on a number of local and state issues.  Much of the work the branch does is done through our committees.  We invite you to get involved!  Join a committee by completing the following form:

Click here to read the NC NAACP’s Statement on HB2.


Criminal Justice Committee

The U.S. criminal justice system is founded on and perpetuates institutional and structural racism. The criminal justice committee of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP works to educate Orange County stakeholders on the racially disproportionate intent and impact of juvenile and criminal justice laws, policies, and practices with the goal of creating a more just and equitable system. In doing that work, we collaborate with and inform the work of other community organizations with similar aspirations. Possible areas of focus for this committee include but are not limited to:

  • Seeking to eliminate harsh sentencing disparities;
  • Advancing bias-free policing efforts;
  • Working to improve re-entry opportunities and life outcomes for people with criminal records;
  • Promoting the use of alternatives to policing and prosecution for social problems, including diversion and restorative justice measures;
  • Eliminating or decreasing long-term suspensions and expulsions from school and referrals to the juvenile and criminal systems for school-based misbehavior;
  • Encouraging a re-conceptualization of drug dependency as a public health issue rather than a criminal justice problem.

Chairs: Tye Hunter and James Williams (

Education Committee

This committee is in dialogue with the Chapel Hill/Carrboro District Office and school staff to address and resolve issues including racial disparities in academic achievement, AP classes, school discipline, the role, training and implementation of school Equity Teams, the role of School Resource Officers in our schools, and more – all seen through the Equity lens.  The Committee has also put together community equity partners in this effort, including representatives from the Racial Equity Institute – Organizing Against Racism, the District PTA, Community Education Collaborative, Orange County Justice United and others.  On September 26th, 2015, this collaboration resulted in a community forum on Achieving Equity and Excellence in our Schools.  See two of the presentations from the forum here and here.  Check out the full text of an op-ed by Greg McElveen, “The path to a truly excellent Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district,” that was in the Chapel Hill News on November 19th.  A second community forum took place on February 20th – see the presentation slides here.

Find the Campaign for Racial Equity in our Schools’ report here.

Chair: Greg McElveen (

Health and Wellness Committee

This committee’s current focus is health education and access to care.  We also support the expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina, without which many low-income people do not have access to vital health services.

Chairs: Doreen Stein-Seroussi and Karen Reid (

Labor Committee

The Branch membership endorsed the Committee’s resolution supporting the Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s organizing drive of migrant farm workers and redressing their dismal field work and  housing conditions and lack of medical care.  The Resolution was brought to and passed by the recent State NAACP Convention delegates.  We are also supporting low wage fast food workers and changing the Town of Chapel Hill’s Personnel Ordinance to assure our pubic workers enjoy due process protections, safe and respectful working conditions, and opportunities for skill upgrading and promotion.

Chair: Miriam Thompson (, 919 370 4114)

Legal Redress Committee

All complaints about racial discrimination in housing, employment, police misconduct, health care, and education, should be made in writing, and submitted to the President of the Branch, using the Request to Investigate Form.

Chairs: Tim Longest and Josh Mayo (

Membership Committee

Membership is power!  The membership committee seeks to do the following:

  • To retain and engage current members by connecting members to branch committees, populating branch events calendar, and hosting branch events.
  • To increase new and subscribing life memberships, through community engagement, social media outreach, and marketing.
  • To increase branch visibility within the Chapel Hill and Carrboro communities through tabling, volunteering, and participation in local events.

Chair: Dawna Jones (

People’s Assembly Committee

This committee works with local partner organizations to build a broader coalition for justice and continue the work of the February HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) March throughout the year.

Chairs: Lucy Wagner Lewis ( and Diane Robertson (

Political Action Committee

This committee is working on registering voters and ensuring voter access to the polls in the face of recent voter suppression legislation from the NC General Assembly.

Chair: Diane Robertson (

Communications Committee

This committee is working to share information with the branch and community.

Chair: Michael O’Reilly (

WIN (Women In the NAACP)

The purposes of WIN are

  • To enhance the leadership role of women
  • To serve as an advocacy vehicle for social, economic, political, educational, health and welfare issues affecting women.
  • To advocate for the positive development of children
  • To support the on-going work of the NAACP and its units.

To make a donation for our candidate for the Mother of the Year contest, please click here.

Chairs: Collene Rogers (, 919 932 1421)

Youth Council

Our Youth Council is interested in issues and programmatic activities pertaining to the civil rights concerns of African American and other young people, and has a goal of young people developing skills to act as advocates and activists for themselves.  The youth council has decided on their issue priorities and calendar for the 2016-2017 school year. If you are interested in helping, or becoming a member of the Youth Council, please contact Chair Liz Carter.

Our Youth Council meets every first Saturday of the month at 12pm at RENA


NAACP Youth Council Background

Chair: Liz Carter (, 919 260 3223)